What is Uprate.AI

Uprate.AI is a comprehensive generative AI platform, serving as a one-stop solution for retailers seeking to improve customer experience and drive sales by strategically deploying AI across diverse sales channels.

The First Enterprise Platform for Retailers to Incorporate Gen AI

Uprate.AI helps retailers:

  • Build AI-powered Hosts reflecting their brands.
  • Deploy AI across multiple E-Commerce Sales Channels - eg: Shopify, Magneto, Salesforce Commerce Cloud or an dedicated Chat-first Custom Domain.
  • Create New Sales Channels Powered by AI - eg: GPT Store, Meta, Instagram, Whatsapp and others.
  • Customize AI by training them on your Product, Inventory, Brand, Manuals, FAQ, Pages, etc.
  • Identify the strategy that best suits your business by iterating through different models.
  • Reduce time and money spent on testing, deploying and scaling AI Solutions across different platforms

What are Hosts?

Our hosts are AI-powered assistants that can truly understand a brand and reflect their style and culture. The hosts can learn almost everything about a brand and get ready to help guests in minutes.

What are Behaviors?

Behaviors are the different ways in which a host can interact with a guest. They are the different ways in which a host can respond to a guest query. Behaviors can be customized to suit the brand and the sales channel.

Here are some behaviors that might be of interest:

  • Identity - Name, Core Narrative, Photo, Conversation Starters
  • Custom Narrative - Add any backstory, personality, or custom instructions to your host.
  • Custom Files - Upload files that you want your host to learn from. - eg: Product Catalog, Manuals, FAQ, etc.
  • Country - Set the country and currency for your host.
  • Shopify - Connect to a Shopify Store, fetch product catalog and other content to train your host.
  • Custom Domain - Give your guests a fully immersive conversational experience on your own domain, eg: chat.yourbrand.com or yourbrand.chat

Our Pricing

Our Enterprise plan starts at $1000 / month and comes with 3 Public Hosts included. Additional hosts are $250 / host / month. Additional Sales Channels like GPT Store, FB, Instagram, Whatsapp are $100 - $200 each / host / month. It is best suited for large retailers with multiple brands and resellers.

We also have a Pro plan that starts at $400 / month. It includes one host and is best suited for influencers and mid-size businesses.

We also offer professional services at $250 / hour to help brands build custom models, behaviors, prompts, etc.

Have questions or Like to see some hosts in action?

Talk to AI versions of our team members or Try the hosts created by our customers.

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